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from safety to where..?

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Avalon Eve
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aeon flux, ambient music, amélie, androgyny, antiques, arrested development, art, arthur rimbaud, astroboy, astronomically expressive people, asymmetry, auguste rodin, augusten burroughs, baking, björk, bleeding hearts, blonde redhead, brutal honesty, camera obscura, cat power, cello, children's books, coil, corsetry, danny elfman, dave mckean artwork, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, death in june, depeche mode, diligent ebay hunting, drop dead fred, duckbilled platypi, dystopian literature, ebony pencils, echo and the bunnymen, elizabeth bathory, elliot smith, emily haines, etsy, fabric softener sheets, fashion design, fasting, fiona apple, fonts, frosted glass, germany, hermitism, iceland, iggy pop, in the nursery, inappropriate adjectives, interpol, ivana xl, japanese street fashion, japanese stuffed animal army, john balance, johnny cash, joy division, kate bush, kawaii gifts, kid robot, lee bontecou sculptures, legend, lightning storms, lilies of the valley, liquid television, lolcats, lost in translation, machinery, magnetic fields, malibu coconut rum, malnutrition, manic creativity, maxfield parrish, mazzy star, mechanisms, michael gira, mittens in the summertime, mixed media artwork, morrissey, ms pacman, my kittypushkin forever, mythology, múm, neil gaiman, new notebooks, new york city, nick cave, octavia butler, parappa the rapper, peter murphy, placebo, polaroids, polly jean fucking harvey, portishead, portraiture, post punk, purikura, radiohead, robot carnival, sanrio & san-x, shunning hipsters, sigur ros, sisters of mercy, slowdive, st. vincent, steampunk, super fabulous drag queens, swans, sylvia plath, the cure, the dresden dolls, the office, the pretenders, the sandman, the smiths, this mortal coil, thoushaltnot, tim burton, tokidoki, tori amos, toy tokyo, unattainable impossible romance, unico, ursula k leguin, violin, vladimir nabokov, white oleander, winter

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